From his dirty bass grooves to the fusion of acoustic instruments and grand cinematic break downs, the sound of Dysphemic is an eclectic sonic journey.

Every set is strictly 100% original music spanning Dubstep, GlitchHop, Bass House and Drum and Bass, a Dysphemic live set is an evolving multi genre spectacle. Frequently creating one off tracks to mash up live, often never to be released to the public making each set a unique and intimate experience.

From being credited by Vice Magazine for pioneering classical Dubstep to having his album Zeus listed as one one of the most overlooked albums of 2017 by Reddit, he has continued to expand the minds of listeners around the globe with his unique take on dance music. His track ‘Snake King’ was used by Go Pro and broadcast to millions of viewers during the 2019 Tour de France.

"Anatoli is a tour de force of Balkan and Middle Eastern string sounds, which fuse gorgeous melodic flavors with a driving drum line that will be knocking around your head for hours."

The Untz

“…something like the live performance of I Am Legion crossed with Antonio Vivaldi... together at Burning Man.”


“Dysphemic has a well-established career in electronica, with a number of fiercely good releases to his name, and cites a wild variety of scenes in his successful career as a producer.”

Beat Magazine

Apollo Album

Dysphemic at Earth Frequency festival